Thursday, October 13, 2011

what is mid-life crisis?

Woody Allen and I

A friend and I were having an interesting chat at Suvarnabhumi airport, while waiting for our flights back to Singapore. Believe me we were wondering whether we are already experiencing mid-life crisis, as we cannot stop thinking of a life after work.

I was telling him that I wanted to  retire in a farm close to the city and be able to till the land and harvest produce from fruit-bearing trees...not be bothered about these mindless worries we beat ourselves up everyday - when will I close this deal, where will I get the resource for the next project or is my job safe...

But I feel that I have not achieved enough and saved enough to say that my family will be fine if my wife and I decide to settle back in Manila...

For my friend, he wants to focus on his dad's business and is wondering how things will be when he moves back with his family to his home country next year... what would life be after having been overseas for a long time. What about his son? Will his wife like it?

His thoughts were meandering on what could be.... if he stays a little bit longer in the company or if he comes back after a year or two....instead of resigning, just take a sabbatical from work and check whether being self employed is what he really wanted.

We have been having these conversations quite frequently of late, and we seem to feel that this might indeed be the mid-life crisis that old folks talk about. A point when you are at a cross road in life and you seem to feel stuck on how to move ahead, questioning everything you have done, suddenly unsure of what you really want after having gone full speed ahead trying to realize dreams of making more money, travelling the world... 
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